ARAMASA, Taku (b.1936, Japan) – a renown Japanese photographer well known for his photography of deserted internment camps that once housed Japanese Americans during WWII in the United States and Russia. During his long artistic life created different series of works from conceptual experiments to historical researches. Recently presented his photo works with experimental structure that investigates human vision and two-dimensional aspect of photography at "Frame and Vision – blessing in forest-" exhibition.
011, light jet c-print, 101x135cm, 2007
Selected Exhibitions: 2009 "frame & vision -blessing in forest-", Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo, Japan | 2009 "The Photo-Graph of Nonexistent", Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Tokyo, Japan | 2006 "Apocalypses", Museum of Musashino Art University, Tokyo | 2005 "Sakura" Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco | 2003 "Only Skin Deep-Changing Visions of the American Self", International Center of Photography, New York, U.S.A.
ARUGA, Rei (b.1984, Japan) – an artist that works with wax to produce uncanny paintings made by simply applying bees' wax on canvas, presenting blurry images of women in the midst of hysteria and men in the act of self-obliteration. All without titles, these works are manifestations of a radical negation of identity: The bees' wax, this viscous, unfixed material with which they are produced, is used to depict people with similarly unstable inner states and undefined faces.
Untitled, wax on canvas, 193.9x130.5cm,
2009, collection of the artist
Selected Exhibitions: 2010 "2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 "My Trace", Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo | 2007 "Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize" Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
BULDAKOV, Alexey (b.1980, Russia) – graduated from the Social Anthropology Department in Russian State Humanitarian Universitya and was a member of a Radek Community (group of artists, authors, cultural activists) from 1999 till 2007. Buldakov works in the field of video art and animation intertwining filmed reality with animation objects to create critical point of view on daily life and ordinary events.
Crash Test, Video, 2006
Selected Exhibitions: 2009 Excess, XL Gallery, Moscow | 2009 Pacific Meridian, 7th Vladivostok International film festival, Vladivostok | 2008 "THE YOUNG, AGGRESSIVE Refractory Character of Contemporary Art in Russia", Musashino Art University Museum, Tokyo | 2007 Progressive Nostalgia, Centro per L’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato
BYSTROV, Petr (b.1980, Russia) – a participant of Avdey Ter-Oganyan’s "School of contemporary art" (1997-1998). Graduated the Russian State University for Humanities (Philosophy course) and was active member of Radek Community (1999-2007). Since 2002 Bystrov works as an individual artist, performer, spokesman and curator.
"Hunger-strike without announcement of demands",
photo-documentation, 2003-04
Selected Exhibitions: 2008 Industrial Lies, Dispari project space, Reggio Emilia | 2008 Qui Vive? 1st Moscow International Biennale of Young Artists, NCCA, Moscow | 2008 Destination Unknown, Central House of Artist, Moscow | 2008 “THE YOUNG AGGRESSIVE Refractory Character of Contemporary Art in Russia”, Musashino Art University Museum, Tokyo | 2008 Leafs & threads, Cheremushki Apartment Gallery, Moscow
CHTAK, Valeriy (b.1981, Russia) – an artist whose paintings has moved from canvas to the wall. Since that time Valeriy Chtak does not limit himself to anything. He draws everywhere — on cabinets, floors, skateboards, chairs, ceilings, cardboard boxes, doors, arm chairs and window frames. His works can be easily shifted, relocated or removed, leading to another combination of Chtak’s layers: physical layers as well as layers of words, images, meanings, layers of absurd and sanity.
Untitled (trunk), object, mixed media, 2008
Selected Exhibitions: 2010 "Bob Hated Everybody", Globe Gallery, St. Peterburg | 2009 "Say 'Shibboleth'", Paperworks Gallery, Moscow | 2009 Anarchism. Hassidism. Agnosticism., Orel Art Gallery, Paris | 2008 “THE YOUNG AGGRESSIVE Refractory Character of Contemporary Art in Russia”, Musashino Art University Museum, Tokyo |2007 "Layerizm", Tcheremouschki gallery, Moscow | 2006 "Mere Verbiage", Francia Gallery, Moscow | 2007 "Moscoupolis", Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris | 2007 "Artist’s ’diary", Central House of Artist, Moscow
GALKINA, Alexandra (b.1982, Russia) – previously a member of School of Contemporary Art(1997-98), organized by Avdey Ter-Oganjan. Galkina was an active member of Radek Community and now works on topics of intervention, excess, provocation as well as formal aspects of visual culture in the field of graffiti, happening, video, etc.
Women obscene words, mixed media, 2005
Selected Exhibitions: 2009 “Mausoleum of Rebel”, Stella Art Foundation, Moscow | 2008 “THE YOUNG, AGRESSIVE Refractory Character of Contemporary Art in Russia”, Musashino Art University Museum, Tokyo | 2007 Scale 50:1 (with David Ter-Oganyan), prometeogallery, Milano | 2006 YOU ARE UNDER ARREST (with David Ter-Oganyan), ATC Basman area YUVAO TSAO, Moscow