HAYASHIDA, Ken (b.1979, Japan) – a researcher of extreme interiors: from grimy toilets to baths covered with dirty ceramic plates. The tactile, substantial traces that appear in these interiors -- dust, excrement-like liquids, scratches - lead us to the particular use of cloth threads in Hayashida's work. Stretched along the canvas, the threads add an enveloping and downy touch to the painting while playing with the figurative dimension by resembling dense, streaming liquids. These threads support the imaginary depth of the painting, and, in the same manner as Japanese calligraphy, bringing forward the surface of the picture itself.

That sound is not heard, oil/thread on canvas,
162x97cm, 2009, collection of the artist

Selected Exhibitions: 1010 “2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2010 The traces, Nagoya Galley kusabue, Nagoya | 2009 My name is no name, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo | 2009 6th U35・500artist Exhibition, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number1, Yokohama
IIMURA, Takahiko (b.1937, Japan) – a pioneer artist of Japanese experimental film and video, working with film since l960 and with video since 1970 while residing in New York and Tokyo. Recently he has been involved in using computers, publishing more than 20 DVDs/CD-ROMs, and writing several books on film, video, and multimedia.

Observer/Observed, video, 1976, 20min

Selected Exhibitions and Screenings: 2004 Anthology Film Archives, New York. | 2004 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand | 2004 Juksan International Arts Festival, Juksan | 2004 Interntional Experimental VideoFestival, Marseilles, France | 2004 Paris-Berlin International Film/Video Festival, Berlin | 2003 Gallery Surge, Tokyo | 2003 Japanese Film and Video, Millennium, New York.| 2003 Cinema La Clef, Paris | 2002 Jaraf, New York
ISOTANI, Kentaro (b.1975, Japan) – one of the embodiments of the true Japanese Punk Spirit, which doesn’t limit itself to fashion and music. In his artistic role he is a “bastard”, he is a “skunk”, he is a “piece of shit”. People see him with a bottle of whiskey at art fairs and with various types of gun models at gallery talks. The exhibition space of his solo show, in the end usually looks like a garbage-recycling plant: accumulations of plastic Pepsi-Cola bottles, empty alcohol packaging, pieces of torn clothing or textile, and of course, the unavoidable mud. All of these are actually basic working material for this sculptor and will probably be eventually used for creating works for his next solo show. Isotani was participating in curated by E. numerous exhibitions such as “Keep Smiling! God Loves Idiots!”(Frantic Gallery) or “Darkness Watchers” (blinc vase spectacles shop).

Untitled (whit head), mud/mixed media, 70x50x55cm,

2008, private collection, Taiwan

Selected Exhibitions: 2010 "2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 "Darkness Watchers", frantic close up project, Blinc Vase Spectacles Shop, Tokyo | 2009 "Keep Smiling! God Loves Idiots! The figures of critical grin in the art of Kentaro Isotani", art project frantic, Tokyo | 2009 "The Trash" Exhibition, 101 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair, Akiba Square, Tokyo | 2008 "Instant Dogma", Gallery KINGYO, Sendagi, Tokyo | 2008 "MR1109", NO NAME, Tokyo | 2008 "Kingyo of KINGYO", Gallery KINGYO, Tokyo | 2006 "Toy Box Vol.3", Otuka RED-ZONE (Live House), Otuka, Tokyo | 2005 "Transvestites", Gallery KINGYO, Sendagi, Tokyo
KAN, Ryohei (b.1983, Japan) – uses small scale model-simulations of dark rooms and diorama photography to create multi-focused images with contrast and details exceeding human perception of common reality and thus entering the fictional imaginary. Working on the borderline of painting and photography, Kan challenges standard separation of media and attempts to create “digital painting” with consequent unique visual qualities.

Fictional scenery - 07, pigment (direct print), pencil, acrylic,

on chalk ground/linen/panel, 97x130cm, 2010

Selected Exhibitions: 2011 “On Both Sides of The Figure. Japanese Art in Double Movement to Abstract and Hyperreal”, THE BARRACK Temporary Museum for Contemporary Art, Tokyo | 2011 59th Tokyo University Graduation Work Exhibition, Tokyo Art University, Tokyo | 2010 “Black Box”, Yokoi Fine Art, Tokyo | 2010 Digital Oil Painting, - Using Oil Painting Simulator, Tokyo Art University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Art University, Tokyo | 2010 MOSHA -Reproduction of Western Painting, Its Technique and Material -, art data bank, Tokyo |2009 “Musashino Art University Degree Show 2008”, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

KUMANO, Umi (b. 1983, Japan) – started his artistic career with a series of paintings depicting miniature figures, drawn as if in an ecstatic state, celebrating a tremendous explosion of shapeless substances and smoke that manifest the aesthetic powers of spreading disfigurement. Being free from stiff university education Kumano produces unexpected for Japanese Contemporary Art vibe, discharging strong “Psychedelic Boom” energy.

Season Revolution, acrylic on canvas, 145.5x145.5cm, 2010

Selected Exhibitions: 2011 “On Both Sides of The Figure. Japanese Art in Double Movement to Abstract and Hyperreal”, THE BARRACK Temporary Museum for Contemporary Art, Tokyo | 2011 VOCA, Ueno Mori Art Museum Tokyo | 2010 Shell Prize Exhibition, Daikanyama Hill Side Forum, Tokyo | 2010    Tokyo Wander Wall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo | 2007 Tokyo Art University Ceramics Department Exhibition, Tennozu Airu Central Tower Art Hall, Tokyo

KUSTOV, Vladimir (b.1959, Russia) – one of the active members of Necrorealism movement, which was at first manifested in the form of performances and films and later in media of painting, photography and installations. Being interested in installations, Kustov was involved in creation of Freud’s Dream Museum in St.Petersburg in 1999 and initiated the Center for Thanatology at the Museum of Forensic Medicine in St Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy. Leading active artistic life, Kustov curated several projects on the borderline of art and science.
The Scull #1, oil on fiberboard, 100x135cm, 2000
Selected Exhibitions: 2009 Crystallization, Marina Gisich Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia | 2008 “THE YOUNG, AGGRESSIVE The Refractory Character of Contemporary Art In Russia, Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Tokyo | 2007 Adventures of the Black Square by Kazimir Malevich, The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia | 2006 Crows and Dogs, Freud’s Dreams Museum, St Petersburg | 2005 Memory of the Ground, Museum of Forensic Medicine, St Petersburg | 2000CrossCurrents. Out of context, The Russian Museum of Ethnography, St Petersburg