MIYANAGA, Aiko (b.1974, Japan) – using unusual for sculpture material, such as salt or naphthalene, creates disappearing objects, which leave timeless impression and stays purely as a reminiscence of previously existed art work.
Night voyage – clock, naphthalene/mixed media
22.4x30.5x19cm, 2010
Selected Exhibitions: 2010 “Aichi Triennale 2010”, Aichi | 2010 “Doubles lumières”, Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, Paris | 2009 “dwelling in a boat”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 “Artist File 2009”, The National Art Center, Tokyo | 2009 “shiseido art egg 3 Aiko Miyanaga Mirage of water”, SHISEIDO GALLERY, Tokyo | 2008 “Haptic”, tokyo wonder site hongo, Tokyo | 2008 “Busan Biennale 2008 - Sea Art Festival”, Busan
MIYAZAWA, Danshaku (b.1981, Japan) – a young Japanese artist working with watercolor media to create almost transparent dissolving figures, composed of tiny balloons or dots.
wa-ga no.2, watercolor on paper,
66.5x48.5cm, 2008
Selected Exhibitions: 2010 Danshaku Miyazawa "in mid air", Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, Tokyo | 2008 Danshaku Miyazawa and Nozomi Kobayashi "coming and goings",Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, Tokyo
MOHRI, Taisuke (b.1983, Japan) – a young artist, whose works generates the sense of cult. After trying different techniques of working with wood, metal and lacquer at the department of Industrial Art of Tokyo Art University he made his first color-pencil drawing, exhibited it and caused widespread shock: Nobody had ever seen a debut of such high level of technique. The reclining girl he portrayed had dust under her half-transparent nails; her veins, arteries and tendons drew onlookers into the depth of her flesh; her young wrinkles composed a “skin carpet” on the surface of a sleeping beauty. She was complete – more than complete. Thus Mohri guards “imitation”, “mimesis”, “copying techniques”, but the “Realism” of his art is somehow cracked: he depicts nothing but existing objects and apply nothing, but naturalistic technique, but his works eventually overcome the simple representation of existing entity. It looks as if he “jumped reality over”, “overran the natural” with his obstinate scrupulosity and eventually found himself at a place where what presents itself as being realistic was presenting itself too much, a place of surplus of reality; in other words, at the place of Reality’s Extra.

A Girl (detail), pencil on paper, 60×60cm,
2009, Pigozzi Collection, Geneva

Selected Exhibitions: 2010 "2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan | 2010 "frantic drawings", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 "Extra Real" Exhibition, ULTRA002, Spiral Garden, Tokyo
MURAYAMA, Macoto (b.1984, Japan) – being a member of The Japanese Association of Botanical Illustration Murayama completed Media Expression Dept. of Institute of Advanced Media Art and Sciences (IAMAS) and now he is one of the main representative of contemporary botanical art in Japan.

Japanese lily, digital c-print,
56x45.7cm, 2008

Selected Exhibitions: 2010 Experiences of the Anomalous, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk | 2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES, Frantic, Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 "Exhibition of Objects Under Observation"(with Toshitaka Mochizuki), art project frantic, Tokyo | 2009 "Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2009", Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 "PLAYING BACK SURFACE Ⅱ - digital images of contemporary art - ", Toyota Municipal Museum of Art Civic Gallery, Aichi
NAKAMORI, Hitoshi (b.1976, Japan) – a photo-etching technique master, whose works are being featured by “post apocalyptic" beauty. Nakamori unifies the ephemeral imprints of memory captured with photography and the more tactile (burned, engrained, rough) surfaces of etching. Drawn with chalk, the gloomy figure of Kitty and wandering in the darkness Panda, evoke sadness and lost, making us aware that Japanese Cuteness is always based on a depth of sorrow, while the sweetness of Japanese beauty is light and often has bitter after taste.

Untitled, photo etching, Plate:16×23.6cm
Sheet:43×43cn, 2008, ed. 1/15

Selected Exhibitions: 2010 “2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 Hitoshi Nakamori Solo Show, Omotesando Gallery Tokyo | 2008 "Edmonton Print International 2008" Capital Arts Building, Edomonton, Canada
OGAWA, Haruki (b.1985, Japan) – an alchemist of explosive painterly dynamics. Images he creates act as a protozoa body, which is purred with strong acid chemicals: an immediate reaction, squeals, multi-directed movements. Ogawa’s work comes across as an eruption of colors, lines, painting material and, eventually, emotion. He often uses the metaphor of chemical reaction to describe his work: as if the mixing of particular substances, colors or ideas lead to an intense and unstoppable discharge of foam, gas, light, heat and unknown visual essences.

Accumulation of Rhythms, watercolor/alkyd/oil on canvas,
116.7x116.7cm, 2009, private collection, USA

Selected Exhibition: 2010 "2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2010 "frantic drawings", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo | 2009 "Irritated Figures", Frantic Gallery, Tokyo